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Most common and important basic keyboard shortcut window keys list below, this shorcut keyboard keys supported over all microsoft windows. All keyboard shortcut keys used in any system program and software. In this century all people are connected 
on computer. this shortcut keyboard list most helpful your work with computer this basic shortcut keyboard window keys can be used when working in  window.You can all window program close, open, start menu, desktop, open run program and dialog box, change keyboard language, file save, copy, past, file print  using this keyboard shortcut word.


(1) Ctrl + A                                  All Items Selected

(2) Ctrl + B                                  Any Selected word bold

(3) Ctrl + C                                  Selected File Copy

(4) Ctrl + F                                   File Search

(5) Ctrl + V                                  Copied File Paste any Folder on Computer

(6) Ctrl + X                                  Selected data or File Cut

(7) Ctrl + Left Arrow                    Left Side Moved word at a Time

(8) Ctrl + Right Arrow                  Right Side Moved word at a Time

(9) Shift Delete                             Selected data Permanently Deleted on Window

(10) Ctrl + Home                         Beginning Of  Documents First Page

(11) Ctrl + End                            End of the Line Current Position

(12) Ctrl + Shift + Esc                 Task Manager Window Open

(13) Alt + F4                               Close Current Program 

(14) Alt + Enter                           Selected folder, Files, Documents Properties Open

(15) Ctrl + Esc                            Start Menu Open

(16) Ctrl + P                               Print File or Documents

(17) Ctrl + K                              Hyperlink Insert For Selected Text

(18) Ctrl + S                               Save File and Documents

(19) Ctrl + B                               Selected Text Bold

(20) Alt + E                                 Current Program Edit Option

You can use following above listed keyboard keys i know this post most helpful for everyone.