If you have not done the typing course any college or university and you can’t  type 50 words per minute and If you do not know how running the keyboard buttons, Nothing to worry about keyboard typing speed. Today I pasted some tricks and techniques
how to increase your typing speed in one month. Many people are typing master but  you can grow your skills and become a typing master . You have own training. I just tell about some shortcut typing tips share with you.  
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You will type some keyboard button  both hands, first of all use right hand fingers and put on the keyboard  keys A, S, D, F and left hand fingers put on the J, K, L, ; buttons and your thumbs should be on “SPACE BAR”. Now press one by one button with speaking word you are type.This keyboard buttons
  ASDF and JKL;  will both hands fingers exercise and If you have focus your exercise and mostly half hour spend exercise in daily basis then you have typing speed two days better performance appeared. 

Some people has been installed typing games in system while improved your typing skills and many ways improving your typing skills but some of the online chat, email chat ,keyboard typing games but may be best way typing improvement practice of book.

Left  and Right Hand Should be covered Following buttons

Right Hand Use Following Buttons                   Left Hand Use Following Buttons          

  Q W E R  T                           Y  U I O P     
          A S D F  G                   H J K L ;
           Z X C V                                          B  N M , .
                  **Thumbs should be on Space Bar**


Upload Image for keyboarding finger chart please follow finger tips and improving your keyboard typing speed.

keyboard Finger tricks

A tip for speed up you typing speed that always try to use keyboard keys for maximum operating of systems as this will help you to grip up on short cut keys and easy way of communication while operating system without mouse.