Free Skin Tips - Care Your Skin in Summer
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Summer Skin Care

We all know very well that summer always come with humid and heat sunlight and people especially girls are worrying about their skin in summer. In summer our body has replacing skin cells at every minute and every hour in our life and also increases rates in this season, it is a natural system of our body. If u do not get rid of these dead cells then these cell will make our body dull, rough and dry. It is necessary to retain beauty of our skin all time. High temperature and strong sunlight is the main problems in this summer season. We can solve it with exact summer skin care tips in this hot season. We have to do a lot of things in summer season to keep our skin shiny, healthy, stunning and glowing at home.  Sometimes it is difficult to follow these tips step by step.

There are some easy skin care tips for keep our skin glowing and beautiful. Follow these care tips to make sure our skin gets rid from dust and dryness:

  • Firstly, it is very essential to exfoliate our body. By exfoliating our body, this gets free from dryness and dull look from winter.
  • Secondly, when we go out from house wear a hat continuously, by doing this helps to protect our skin from sunlight and heat.
  • Another most important tip to apply sunscreen to keep our eyes from sun. Make sure our sunscreen has 30 SPF, and reapply it every 2 hours more when u are swimming and sweating. Apply full one tablespoon just on our face.
  • Hydrate our skin from lighter summer scented lotion than we would use during winter season.
  • Don’t forget our feet in summer, use a file and foot scrub in the shower once or twice in a week. Nothing is worse than seeing dry feet inside stylish sandals.