With the fast approaching winter, many girls are conscious about their skin so now this is perfect time to maintain your skin in winter from dryness. Dry air is the major contribution to dull and rough your skin in winter.

Here I give u some easy and simple 10 beauty tips for winter that you will include them in your daily routine.
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Moisturize Your Skin

In winter the best key to keep your skin fresh and glowing is moisturizing all over the day. Use a good quality of body lotion after take a bath. Moisturize your hands, feet and elbow too. Avoid using petroleum based products for moisturizing your skin as they coat the skin but do not really moisturize it. Creamy cleansers do add back moisturize but do not dry your skin

Puker Up Your Dry Lips

During winter dry lips is the biggest problem. Use lip balm with at least SPF 15 and chaps-stick to get rid of dryness. Some lip balms yield are made of tea tree oil, phenol and beeswax.

Nutritious Diet

Take a nutritious diet is the best common natural beauty tip in winter. In this season excessive use of fish in your diet which is suitable for all type of skin.

Proper Drinking

In the winter season the amount of water has been low than summer which effects bad on your skin. The main reason of glowing skin is using plenty of water in this season. At least drink 10 to 12 glass of water throughout the day.

Skip Hot Bath

Mostly people think that take a hot bath feels impressive in winter but actually they make dry skin worse. The best way is to try a bath with lukewarm water instead of hot water.

Coconut Oil

In this season to avoid dryness use slightly amount of coconut oil before bath. It works as a moisturizing agent for your skin. It is very good for your skin.

Rose Water:

The use of rose water on your face in morning is the reason of brightness and attractive.

Wash your skin mostly with water:

In winter, wash your skin with mostly with water instead soap. Avoid huge amount of using soap.

Avoid Sun Rays

Sun rays are most injurious for your skin tone especially in winter season. So always protect your face from direct sun rays to keep away from skin disease.

Almond Paste

Almond is the best tonic for your skin in winter season. Make almond paste by adding some amount of yogurt and milk in it. It will give u best result for your fairness.