Romantic SMS
D smallest word is I, 
the sweetest word is LOVE 
and the dearest person 
in the world is U. 
tats y I Love You..:)

Romantic SMS
As days go by, my feelings get stronger, 
To be in ur arms, I can’t wait any longer. 
Look into my eyes & u’ll see that it’s true, 
Day & Night my thought r of U..

Romantic SMS
if i reached for your hand , will u hold it ? 
If i hold out my arms, will u hug me ? 
If i go for your lips, will u kiss me ? 
If i capture ur heart , will u love me ??

Romantic SMS
Ur precious love has 
turned my life completely around, 
I feel lik Im wlaking but 
my feet dont seem 2 touch d ground..!!

Romantic SMS
When i look at you, 
i cannot deny there is God, 
cause only God could have created some one 
as wonderful n beautiful as you .

Romantic SMS
Red or white 
short or tall 
wrapped in silver 
not wrapped at all 
under covers 
inside a box 
shapes & sizes 
love comes in lots.

Romantic SMS 
I dream about you evey night 
I shiver when your in sight 
I long to hold you close n tight 
I wanna be there with all my might 
I m just hoping I’m the girl whos right .

Romantic SMS
If Your asking if I Need U the answer is 4Ever.. 
If Your askin if I’ll Leave U the answer is Never.. 
If Your askin what I value the Answer is U.. 
if Your askin if I love U the answer is I do.

Romantic SMS
U may miss me 
U may ignore me 
U may even forget me 
But one day if u wanna c me 
Dont search, just c ur shadow 
i wil be thr...Trust Me!!

Romantic SMS
I believe that God above created you for me to love. He picked you out from all the rest cause He knew i’d love you the best!

Romantic SMS
Badalna aata nahi humko mousmo ki tarah 
Har ek roop main tera intezaar karte hain 
Na tum samet sakogi jise qayamat tak 
Kasam tumhari tumhe itna pyar karte hain. 

Romantic SMS
Lamhe judai ke bekarar karte hain, 
Haalat meri mujhe laachar karte hain, 
Aankhe meri pad lo kabhi, 
Ham khud kaise kahe ki 
hum aapse pyaar karte hain.