This article is about a girl who lived in Gujranwala. It’s a chance to win the heart of one for love or marriage. This post is only about romance and love in a respectful way. Alisha is a Muslim and she respectful here family. Society is hierarchical and traditional values rule, it is a patriarchal society. Alisha is the name of the girl. Her full name is Princes Alisha because she is like princes. So is so cute her education is B.A. She is very exotic, thick black hair. Alisha likes to keep their hair really natural, thick and wild everywhere and some like modern hair. I believe every girl is a beautiful princess; you just have to be poet enough to see her beauty. Every Desi or Urdu or Paki girl is a beautiful flower waiting for her bee to find her to transform her life into sweet honey. This is just a hint if you are trying to win someone’s heart. Do not think it’s silly. It really works; love enters a woman through her ears like love enters a man through his eyes. If you like Alisha then I thinks to chat, meet or photos of Alisha are the Internet. Women are very plugged in the Middle 

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